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(You can find the lyrics and the meaning ―in English― in my first and second comments).


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  1. MEANING OF THE LYRICS (with recaps):

    "errant heat to the star
    and then the rain let in"
    *Something has gone awry, some new foreign emotion has presented itself to the relationship. "and then the rain let in"- The problems began to manifest themselves, the rain is washing away the superficial facets of the relationship.

    "the hawser rolls, the vessel's whole and Christ, it's thin"
    *a hawser is a thick rope for towing boats, but I think here it's just used for a rope, and hawser sounds good. He talks in interviews about saying words because they feel gooood. So the hawser rolls, a new part of the relationship is brought to light, or "excavated", as he likes to say. The vessel, or relationship, is still whole. But it's thin. It's breaking.

    "well I'd know that you'd offer
    would reveal it though it's soft and flat"
    *He's using "I'd" now, as if he's looking into the past, seeing what could've happened. She'd offer some sort of new gimmick to keep the relationship, and she'd show it but it's still soft, not hard (think hard evidence), and flat. Not well rounded. Not true.

    "won't repeat it, cull and coffers that
    for the soffit, hang this homeward"
    *He won't do this again. He won't pick out from a group the coffer that he wants for the soffit. He's looking up at the roof. At what they've done together. A coffer is an indent in the ceiling, a coffer is the interior of the roof. "Hang this homeward" It's hitting home. He means it.

    "pry it open with your love
    sending lost and alone standing offers"
    *Try to open up the relationship again with the love she still has. She's sending futile offers for the love again.

    So to recap, girl did something wrong. He's looking over the relationship, and it's thin and breaking. He knows that she'd try to fix it, but it would be a soft and flat effort. He won't go back into the whole living together, picking a home thing. She'll try to open their love again, but her efforts aren't good enough.

    "it is steep, it is stone
    such recovery
    from the daily press, the deepest nest, the keeper's keep"
    *The breakup is obviously hard, as he is saying that it's hard ("stone") to keep from the daily reminders, the deep emotion, and the most coveted thing-love.

    "all the news at the door
    such a revelry
    well, it's hocked inside with everything you said to me"
    *She keeps reminding him of this bad time, in a manner that is very noisy. He just shrugs it off ("hock" is a midwest term for throwing something aside, like hocking trash) with all the other false love statements.

    So again to recap, it's hard for him to have the constant reminders of the breakup. She keeps coming up to him, but he shrugs it off as a defensive measure, deep inside.

    "it was found what we orphaned
    didn't mention it would serve us picked
    said your love was known
    I'm standing up on it"
    *He sees what he left behind. He realizes that when she brought whatever emotion to light, she wasn't leaving behind everything, and his defensive measures were an overreaction. She says he knew she loved him. He's now "standing up on it", putting it all on the line one more time for her.

    "aren't we married?!"
    *This brings light to the depth of the relationship. They were married. They had a house. He's realizing he can't just leave everything behind.


  2. Recap: He found the love again. He says she didn't show the love enough. She says she did. Now he says he's putting it out on the line one more time for him. They're married.


    "I ain't living in the dark no more
    it's not a promise, I'm just gonna call it."
    *He says he's not going to stand idly by anymore. He can't guarantee it, but he's calling it. This is important because he's saying in love, there are no guarantees. This may happen again.
    WHY THIS IS SO IMPORTANT: This part says a lot about Justin Vernon himself. This theme carries over from For Emma, which is described by him to be an album about getting all the bad stuff excavated. All the broken relationships, about getting over your first love. This album was musically getting out of the dark. He made the album EXACTLY how he wanted to. His emotions are now all out there, they're not hidden away. I see the beginning of Bon Iver, Bon Iver as a kind of reminder of the first album, with the slow melody from the Les Paul, but then when he says "still alive, who you love", it opens up so you see what's really going on.

    "heavy mitted love"
    *They see their love as so dramatic, it's heavy, they think they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders because of this turbulent relationship. Is it worth it? The next line answers that.

    "our love is a star
    sure some hazardry
    for the light before and after most indefinitely"
    *He answers the question with "YES". The love is a star. Sure there were some problems "errant heat to the star/ then the rain let in", but it's worth it. "sure some hazardry" is like saying, "Yeah, there's some bullshit involved, but it's all good, because it's all
    "for the light before and after most indefinitely". This love is going from negative infinity to positive infinity, to use Calculus terms (the limit does not exist). The love was burning bright before, and it will forever.

    "danger has been stole away"
    *The crisis was averted. Their love is still going strong.

    There was a stray problem that caused a chasm in the relationship. The rain let in. He sees the relationship in new light, and it's thin. She'll offer some solution, but it's not hard and strong. He won't repeat the whole pick a house, play house thing. She'll try to pry it open with her love, but her offers are lost in his iron defense. The recovery is hard because he's constantly reminded of what happened. She's sending signals to him, but they're obnoxious, a revelry. He just stores it deep inside. The song lifts, and he says they found what they orphaned, their love. He says she didn't show the love, she says she did. He tells her he's putting himself over the edge now for her. They're married. He's not living in the dark no more. He can't promise it, but he'll try to stick by it. He notices that their love is so dramatic, but it's worth it, sure there are problems but they're insignificant. The love went on before and it will continue to. Danger has been stole away.


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